Jah’Makin’ Peace Package

Jah'Makin' Peace Package

The Jah'Makin' Peace Package can be purchased from Monrow Farms for $95. Included in this package are 1 oz of their Hawaiian Haze Small CBD Hemp Flower in a glass jar, a Single 1 gram Magna Pre-Roll, a one love Bob Marley metal rolling tray, a yellow, green and red Rasta pipe, 2-pack of BananaGoo High Hemp Wraps, 10 ft. of Raw Hemp Wick, and 2 small Orange Calcite Stones.

When I priced out the items individually based on their website and the rolling tray on amazon the total came out to $121. From purchasing this package you save approximately $26 not including shipping or taxes depending on your location. One of the benefits to Monrow Farms is that they are truly focused on customer satisfaction and you can almost find some kind of discount code or sale going on when purchasing from them. When I purchased this product I got it at the end of a summer blowout sale taking 30% off the total price! This amazing package was mine for $66.50 before shipping and taxes. That is $28.50 off of the original price and $54.50 off the retail price of all the items individually totaled. Although that sale isn't going on anymore Monrow Farms is giving all of you a special code that will give you 15% off your order by using the code "CBDVET." They didn't have to do that but like I mentioned earlier they are truly all about customer service!

Not only is the customer service great providing me with four different emails notifying me of the status of my order including order confirmation, order is on the way, order is out for delivery, and order has been delivered but also their product is 100% the TRUTH. The CBD flower buds are high quality, trimmed very cleanly, covered in trichomes, and just simply BEAUTIFUL. Even though they aren't the biggest buds they still have a very strong skunky but sweet smell to them! The Hawaiian Haze flower is a sativa strain and comes in at 17.5% CBD and 0.018% delta 9-THC which is under the government regulations. Included with the package are the lab results to the flower as well as a notice to law enforcement stating this is legal hemp flower and not illegal marijuana.

When grinding up this flower it wasn't overly sticky or overly dry. Just perfect and that beautiful aroma was just wafting through the air showing off and letting EVERYONE know what you were fixing to smoke! I used my Cali Oso dry herb vaporizer for this flower so I could get a pure flavor profile of this flower. I don't like different flavor hemp wraps or cigarillos intervening with the flavor of the flower when I am trying it out for the first time. A sweet taste with a very clean smoke made it very enjoyable and almost impossible to put down this vape. Smoking this flower is a must! It isn't overly strong where you feel like it is grabbing your throat and you end up coughing your lungs out or taking a drink to lubricate your throat right after. It is a very enjoyable smoke with a lovely sweet flavor profile that after a few hits you are instantly feeling the effects of this flower.

Being a sativa strain the Hawaiian Haze flower filled me up with energy, and joy, and just overall contentment. I had a nice cheery, glowing aura all over my body which I haven't felt in a very long time! Paired with the BananaGoo High Hemp Wraps I can only imagine how sweet my next smoke of this flower will be as well as trying out the Magna Pre-roll. I did however also smoke this flower with the Rasta pipe that was included and used the hemp wick that was also included to light it. The Rasta pipe has a nice ergonomic feel to it that makes it easy to light your flower for an enjoyable smoke. Same as the Cali Oso this smoke didn't grab you by the throat and choke you out, it was smooth and filled your lungs up with plenty of smoke while still tasting the sweet beautiful flower. The only product I didn't use were the wraps just yet. I will definitely roll one up with this flower and will update this review when I do so!

Lastly the rolling tray was a perfect size for all of the grinded and non-grinded buds along with the Rasta pipe. I could easily grab all the flower and pack the pipe without spilling over and making a mess on the table. Although the orange calcite stones don't really do anything they are kind of there for looks they do have a meaning that I can stand behind. From the Monrow Farms website "Orange Calcite stone represents, inspiration and creative work flow. It is believed by many that this stone is highly energizing and a cleansing stone, that may help overcome fear and sadness. It has also been associated with fertility which is beauty in itself." It is a very nice token/add-on for this package that really ties it all up. Overall I believe this package is a must if you want an amazing flower that can when smoked can put a big smile on your face and get you ready for the day! Paired along with my code "CBDVET" for 15% off would put this product at $80.75 which is $14.25 off the package price and $40.25 off the retail price making this Jah'Makin' Peace Package a MUST BUY. I would rate this 5 out of 5 stars everytime.

-CBD Vet

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