Kozo XL Wood Stash Box Kit

Contents Included

The Kozo stash box can be purchased online at Amazon.com for $57.97 before taxes and shipping. I had recently purchased, unboxed, and reviewed this product on YouTube due to the fact I needed a place to neatly store and work with my herbs. Included with this product are a Kozo Brand four-piece aluminum herb grinder, an odor-proof sealed opaque/frosted glass jar with a wooden top, black metal rolling tray, black odor-proof bag, black storage tube, a removable storage tray to hold your supplies, and comes with a removable magnetic lid that doubles as a storage tray when flipped upside down.

The wooden stash box is very sturdy with a beautiful matte finish. It is very spacious inside and can easily hold all of your supplies needed to work with your herbs and plenty more. The removable storage tray can hold your grinder, the included glass jar, a bic lighter, a clipper lighter, a scraper, rolling papers small and large, and the included storage tube which can hold a pre-roll or a king size cone. This product is a gift that keeps on giving and for the price is the best band for your buck without a doubt!

There are only two negatives out of all these positives that I must point out. I wanted to test out how strong the magnets are for the box and when lifting the lid the magnetic pull wasn’t to strong and down fell the box giving it a few dents along the edges. Although this is a wooden box I would of hoped for a stronger type of wood that can take some abuse. With having a weaker magnetic pull from the lid and the box itself if lifted by just the lid whether on purpose or accident be sure to pay attention of where you are at and be prepared to pick up all your supplies that are in the box. Personally I would of liked stronger neodymium magnets to make the box a bit stronger when handled or flipped as a lid just for the fact nothing would fall out or messes being made.

To close out this review overall I highly recommend this product for its price. Having only 2 minor faults it is still not enough to not justify this product as a must have, especially with all the contents included making this a very usable kit for any herb lover. Out of five stars I would rate this at four stars. A purchase that’s very much worth its cost.

-CBD Vet

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