Lifter from Monrow Hemp Company

I received 1 gram of this flower to review for you all when I purchased the Jah’Makin’ Peace Package. I have heard mixed feelings about the lifter strain in general saying “it isn’t as strong as you hoped it would be” or “doesn’t smoke good and is heavy on the throat.” Coming into this review a lifter noob if you will I was hoping that what I has heard was wrong. And boy was I glad to be proven wrong.

This flower was so beautiful, a bit spongy, and a little bit sticky, just anything and everything you could want in a flower bud. When breaking this flower apart by hand it was sticking a bit to my fingers but not to much. I did have to use my grinder which broke down that flower so easy and you could really get a very nice whiff of the aroma! A loud but sweet and earthy/piney smell, your nose will thank me later.

When smoking this flower I used a dry herb vaporizer so I could obtain a full flavor profile and all the effects without over burning the cannabinoids or terpenes. This smoke was so smooth and clean I can see why the reviews for this flower mention that this is an enjoyable all day smoke! It wasn’t overly strong to where you were coughing out your lungs but could definitely feel the effects with a few hits. Being a sativa strain this flower helps you focus, uplifts your mood and just gets your mind clearer.

This flower is easily going to be one of my top flower strains for the year 2020. When it comes to recommending a sativa strain this flower will be at the top of my list every time! I highly recommend this product and give it 5 out of 5 stars.

-The CBD Vet

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