Simply CBD LLC. Part 1

I received many sample flower strains from this company so this post will be about two that I have reviewed/tried out. I will be talking about the Cherry Wine and T1 strain. They are both identical when it comes to looks, the way it smokes and the amount of flavor you can taste while smoking. The only difference between these two flowers are the smell. T1 was very skunky and earthy and was super LOUD! Cherry wine on the other hand had a sweet smell with hidden pine and earthy tones.

When it comes to the flowers they were both so beautiful with orange pistils and just overall a stunning green color. They did break apart differently even though they looked the same. T1 was pretty dry so breaking it apart by hand wasn’t difficult at all. Cherry wine was a bit stickier than the T1 strain but broke apart fairly easy as well.

The part everyone wants to know about is the smoking of the flower. I used a dry herb vaporizer to smoke these flowers so I get the optimal burn with a controlled temperature for the best flavor profile without over burning the cannabinoids and terpenes. The cherry wine smokes like it smells, very sweet and light. Didn’t dry out your throat but I was disappointed when I didn’t get a huge flavor taste from this flower. I could however feel the effects and even though it wasn’t listed on the package (Later found out from the owner) I could tell this flower was a sativa dominate hybrid. The effects were good, not overpowering but being a hybrid I didn’t get the desired amount or feelings that I was hoping for.

However when it came to the T1 strain I was even more disappointed. There was a very light but smooth smoke during this testing with little to no effects at all. When compared to another strain from a separate company that flowers effects was almost immediate. Unfortunately that hasn’t been the case for this company. I do not know if it was the growth of the floor, if it perhaps from an older batch or what but these flowers haven’t done it for me. The price is about average when compared to other companies in the market. But without the desired effects that you hope for when you smoke CBD flower I wouldn’t purchase this product if you are in need of some immediate treatment. This product was a light smoke and very easy to smoke so for a beginner getting into CBD this could be a good buy to get your toes wet but if you are in CBD to get desired effects and get treatment than this company’s flower isn’t for you. 2.5 out of 5 stars.

-The CBD Vet

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