Super Cherry from Precision Canopies

As of right now this flower will be #1 on my top flower strains for 2020. How insane is that to start off this review talking about a flower from a very small company based out of Richmond, Virginia. This is flower is scary good to be coming from a no name company that is still fairly new.

This product came to my hands by the owner John Horswell which is a fellow army veteran! That is right, this company is veteran owned and all their products are made here in the U.S.A.. I keep in contact with John on the regular and whenever I ask what he is doing? or where is he at? his answer is always the same, “I am here with my girls, watching over them.” The dedication and amount of time he spends with his “girls” truly shows in this flower! Not only did the flower come in a small air tight, smell proof jar protecting the flower making sure it didn’t get crushed when shipping to you. But it also came with a boost humidifier regulator pack to ensure the flower is as fresh as can be when you get it!

I have never seen such a beautiful flower in my life! It is COVERED in trichomes and when I say covered I mean COVERED! It literally looks like the flower was doing snow angels and rolling over in trichomes! This bud is a beautiful lime green color with orange pistils that just POP! It is as if Leonardo Da Vinci created this flower and hid it in his personal stash. The aroma is so sweet with earthy and piney undertones it takes your breath away. Breaking the flower apart is a whole another ballgame. Trichomes are dusted on your fingertips and surprisingly it isn’t to sticky to handle!

When smoking any CBD flower I use a dry herb vaporizer that was I can set a temperature, and not risk over burning the cannabinoids or the terpenes so I can feel the full effects while also getting a full flavor profile. This is where things started to get wild. The flower smoked so smooth and the taste was definitely present. When I unboxed this super cherry flower I didn’t know what to expect for a flavor, maybe something sweet but overall I had no idea. A sweet cherry syrup was all I could taste and I am not kidding. It was soo sweet and rich I literally thought that I was drinking syrup! I have never and I mean never had a flower pack that much flavor in a bud. Hawaiian Haze is the closest I can compare but it isn’t close.

I am proud to say my buddy John didn’t just talk the talk, but he walked the walk when he said he had a product that would make me despise outdoor strains from now on! Now you see why I started off this review the way I did and I don’t regret it one bit. I highly and I mean highly recommend this product and give it 5 out of 5 stars. John thank you for this opportunity and I look forward to reviewing more of your strains when they come out!

-The CBD Vet

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